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* Personal mail should get past my spam filter, but if in doubt there are several ways to contact me.

Robert Ashworth
PO Box 2161
Bellingham, WA.  98227  USA

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Use of Robert Ashworth's work

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Other publications, web sites and discussion groups make use of my writing & images.  Ideas for many editorial topics can be found on these pages.

Please let me know how my content will be used and where it will be found.  I enjoy learning about the things this site has inspired.

Higher resolution scans, of my photos, are available.

Let me know what image, or images, spark your interest.  I can send it (and or) look around in my archive for related things.  Most photos were, however, taken with an inexpensive camera.

Is it the subject of the photo that counts or the resolution of the presentation? 


If camera expense is what counts, then you can just laugh at me and move on.


Some of my images have sold for money.  Most others are given away to good causes, such as someone writing a budget request for a bike lane.  Photos are given to authors, students writing term papers, fledgeling start up businesses, people telling their trip stories and so forth.  I pretty much say yes to everything.

I like to inspire writers with quotes and ideas.  My thoughts have found their way into books and newspaper columns.  Please let me know about the things you are doing that have been inspired by my work, or maybe I should say my play.