Sign to Bad Route Road in eastern Montana Along I-94

Image used in a video.

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This image has found its way into the "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" video craze.  I learn about it 1 1/2 years later when a reader sends this note:

Hello Robert, 
My name is Davis.  I came across your web site about a year ago while searching for information on Montana.  I was glad to see the sign for Bad Route at least to know it existed (it's a long, but interesting story.) 

I was wondering if anyone has asked about the sign before?  I'm sure you realize now the sign (the exact picture) was in the video for "All your bases are belong to us."  You see, my computer is pretty old and I haven't kept up with the latest fads, but my friend was showing me the video and I knew that was the same picture from your web site.  I was just wondering if you gave the picture to them or did the people copy it off your web site?

From a later email:

The story of the video is that a video game from 1989 was being translated for the first Sega console and the translations didn't come out to well from the Japanese interpreter.  Someone about three or four years ago posted the humorous lines of bad dialogue to a forum and people were using them as sort of inside jokes.  Another person added music to the actual screen shots and put it on the web.  Then ANOTHER person added pictures from the Internet with the saying "All your base are belong to us" photoshopped into the picture (stuff like McDonalds, billboards, road signs,etc.)  I guess it was supposed to look like some sort of conspiracy or alien invasion.

Anyway, if you can play flash movies it's all over the net.  Here's a
link:  See bottom of page.

Find your sign here too: 
(Page no longer there)

They even added a little story - 
"This photograph was taken by Emma and David Hess in April of 1997 on a remote highway in rural Montana. They claim to have returned to the same location 6 months later, only to find the sign had been removed." 


A very insightful comment from another reader

Robert, it was interesting that they used your picture there.  That's quite a compliment.  However, the funny thing is that they took the most interesting thing about the picture, the wording, off.  But maybe that picture had the distinction of being used precisely because it was so interesting, even though you now can't tell what was so interesting about it looking at the video.


Link to Video

Also, a Google search on May 3 2014.  My sign photo contributed to the thumbnail.
Screen shot.

all your base are belong to us.