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Washington State

Artist's Point parking lot.  I bicycle instead.

Burned porta potty toilet by Anacortes, 1994ish

Blog entries about Seattle

Freeway Park, Seattle

Downtown library, Seattle

At base of Space Needle
Seattle Center

West Vader Mall, Vader, WA.

Some thoughts on logging

This house for a million dollars the way things keep going

Pictures of the Palouse

Dusty, Washington

Looks a bit like the counter at Grand Coulee Dam adding up dollars of power sold.


Dale Ukiah scenic area
South of Pendelton.

Old Trojan nuclear plant

I-205 Bridge

Breitenbush Radical Fairie Gathering 2001

Breitenbush power house

Marys Peak

Painted Hills unit of John Day National Monument
Now on Flickr

Climbing South Sister, 2001

Umpqua Hot Spring

Crater Lake

West Fir covered bridge

Narrow, between two buildings, Ashland
Between two buildings in Ashland.

From 2004.

Several years ago, a woman wrote to my web site from the nation of Morocco. She was looking for information about areas in the northwest. 

She also mentioned plans for going to school at Southern Oregon University, in Ashland.

I wrote that I had a brother in Ashland. They started corresponding after she had been in Ashland for a while. 

My brother, and his wife, liked Tiazza enough to "take her in," to their family.  Basically they are "empty nesters" with their own kids grown.  Tiazza is like a Daughter.  Finished with school she now works for an insurance firm. 

I was able to meet Tiazza.

Her perspective is quite interesting.  An open minded woman having grown up in the more traditional, somewhat closed minded Moroccan society.  She enjoys the multicultural life that America offers.  Call it "diversity."  Everyone in my brother's household accepts my gayness, for instance.

Vancouver, BC

Looking north across Burrard Inlet, Vancouver
A park in Vancouver overlooking Burrard Inlet.

Harbour Centre & Vancouver

Davie St and gay pride

The West End

Fraser River

Blog entries about Vancouver

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