My college degree has been for "play" instead of "pay."

mimeo art
In early 1980s I had a hand crank mimeograph machine.  Here's some art in my newsletter resulting from a couple of passes through the machine with two colors of ink.

Photo scans of articles I am in

What newspapers and magazines have said about me

Soon after graduation I bought a second hand mimeograph machine (this was before the Internet became wide spread) and started cranking out my own publication.  It didn't make money, but self expression was the goal.  I paid the bills by working as a custodian. 

Being a janitor didn't mean that I couldn't be "the director of a think tank."  My correspondence with people evolved into, sort of, a think tank that was featured, many years back, in the business section of the TACOMA NEWS TRIBUNE.
Cranking Out Happiness at Robert's Think Tank.

Continued correspondence got me in touch with a bazaar network of artists called the MAIL ART NETWORK.  Mail artists send things like doodles, manifestoes and old shoes to one another, all over the world.

This interactive network of common folk is sort of a "pre Internet" exchange of creativity.  Mail Art shows would take place (and are still taking place) all over the world where people would collect the mail they got, put it on display and call it a show.  In 1983-84, I did a show.  See this article in the BELLINGHAM HERAD.
Mail Art Beauty Pageant

In 1989, my letter to the editor of a local paper inspired one woman to throw out her car keys.  They did a feature on her.

In 1991 and again in 1993, I bicycled all the way across the US.  See this 1993 article on my cross country tours in KLIPSUN MAGAZINE as published by the journalism department of Western Washington University. 
About my bike trip across USA

Also see a 1997 article in the BELLINGHAM HERALD How to prepare for a long distance tour,

In 1995, I started this web page.  It got its own domain name in 1999,

2001, I was second most prolific writer of letters to the editor published in Bellingham Herald.

2002, My site and Bellingham Bicycle Map featured in Herald Article.  128kb jpg included.

Excerpt from January 18 2003 Seattle Times

"The first clue that Robert Ashworth thinks differently comes when he is asked how he got the idea for his new spam-fighting scheme. 

"I have a job as a custodian," he said. "And I think about things as I mop the floor." 

The first impulse is to get out while there is still time, were it not the fact that Ashworth's idea seems pretty sound:"  See Article.

On line edition of Seattle Times takes a look at the anti spam strategy I use.   Find article in archives.  May require sign up, but no fee.

Check out this odd story.

Bellingham  Herald
featured me and another person in story about Gay Pride Weekend in Bellingham, July 15 2012.

See my history section in my blog.