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A few bike sites in northwest Washington State

Mt. Baker Bike Club A hub for Bellingham and Whatcom County cyclists.

Galbraith Mountain Maps, pictures, information about this area of trails east of Bellingham.

Seattle area Cascade bicycle club

Biking in Washington State  Informational web site for bicycling from Washington State Department of Transportation.

World wide bike & alternative transit sites,
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Google like maps where people post their favorite bike routes all over the world.  Search able
data base of maps keeps growing by several maps per hour.  This collaborative site is really taking off.

Adventure Cycling Logo
Adventure Cycling Association  A support organization for cross country bike touring. Maps, equipment catalogs, group tours, formerly known as Bike-centennial and headquartered in Missoula, Mt.

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Baggage car to carry lots of bikes on the train  Idea is a success on Canada's Toronto to Niagara Falls route.  What do you think about Eugene-Seattle or a Portland-Seattle-Spokane bike train loop?  If readers have ideas regarding a potential Bike Train service, please pass them along. 
Blog comments at end of article.  A fun bike site based in UK.  Uses something like Javascript to draw its content across your monitor.  Nice graphics.

Free Bike Programs Around the World

Personal Tour Accounts

Rick Segreda's tour in New Zealand

Viking Biker
Rune's trip around the world from Norway.  Crossing Canada in Winter 06-07.  Follow most recent news in his diary.

Bikebrats  A duo that have traveled in many parts of the world including India, Europe and USA.  Great writing and photography.

Cycle Logic Press  Follow Neil and Sharon on their bicycle tours throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the US. Wonderful photography and commentary online.

Jesse McCormack's  Trip from North Dakota to Mexico, other trips in and around North Dakota and commentaries.

Impressions From Bicycle Travels  Visual stories from America and Asia (fully-automatic slide shows.) 

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages Stories from his many trips around the Midwest, Great Plains and up into Canada from his home in Alabama. Commentary on cycling, health and other topics as well.

Tour operators

Tour operator, offering active/adventure vacations to the gay/lesbian community.  We specialize in bicycle trips to France, but also offer trips to New Zealand (bungee jumping), Australia, Thailand, The Grand Canyon, etc....

A businesses link exchange

American Travel NetRing

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