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Campus heating plant, at Western Washington University.  It was designed with arch windows to show things off, but is now kind of ignored.  Seeing technology at work can be an educational experience.  Testing Big Ole, May 4 2008 at WWU's steam plant.

Below "found art."  Rather than hide the interesting sculpture.  Can it be considered a working sculpture?  Sometimes, when the door is rolled up, a rather bland looking building can reveal interesting things inside.  Normally door is closed.  Can't more of these turbines, and so forth, be showcased all the time?  Image is of Encogen power plant on Bellingham's waterfront.  Now they are talking about redeveloping the waterfront.  Things to showcase.  Paint pipes brighter colors?

steel frame communications bldg wwu
Steel frame of communications building at WWU campus during construction, 2003.

cellphone tower looks like a natural tree

Cellphone tower looks like a natural tree behind Sehome High School along Bill McDonald Parkway

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