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Theslowlane.comBiking around Bellingham.

A green way to go

Trestle at downtown end South Bay Trail.  Trail begins from alley between State and Railroad just south of Rose St.

south bay trail
South Bay Trail.

Bellingham has voted to tax itself to acquire old railroad right of ways and so forth. It is developing a system of bikeways and green belts through the town connecting parks, neighborhoods and points of interest. The trails are called green ways. Recently Bellingham was designated a Trail Town USA by some national organizations in honor of its efforts to preserve the green ways.

south bay trail railroad crossing

Bike / pedestrian railroad crossing.

train passing before they built the crossing
Burlington Wall in 2001.

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In spring of the year 2001, Burlington Northern & Santa Fe railroad placed barriers where the South Bay Trail crossed railroad property.  The trail officially ended at tracks, but people did the obvious and continued into Boulevard Park.  After the barriers went up, folks went around anyway calling them "The Burlington Wall." 

At one point, the mayor of Bellingham lead a group of pedestrians across the tracks, near this point where the city has an easement.  This demonstrated need for a crossing.  Finally, the railroad and city  worked out a crossing plan.

With high speed trains; especially Amtrak; railroad officials worry about safety of crossings.  They try to minimize the number of crossing points, but many streets, with cars, cross the tracks.  Maybe some of the street crossings can be eliminated, but pedestrians should rate at least as high as automobiles.  This popular crossing is as important as many of the street crossings even though there are no cars. 

Photo of "Burlington Wall" that has now been replaced with a pedestrian/bike crossing.

Route goes through Boulevard Park. Then one can use the sometimes crowded boardwalk or the access road from the park.  Both lead to 10th street which heads south to another trail segment and into Fairhaven District.

along tenth
Along tenth Reid Boilerworks to right is no longer there due to a fire.

trail to Fairhaven
Trail resumes toward Fairhaven.  Then one uses streets through Fairhaven District.

trail from Tenth and Old Fairhaven Parkway
Trail resumes at Tenth and Donovan.

Under Chuckanut Drive
Under Chuckanut Drive to Interurban Trail.

Padden Creek
Along Padden Creek.

Interurban Trail is south of Fairhaven area.

More pictures along Railroad and Southbay Trails.