Views from the Palouse wheat ranching country of south east Washington State.

The hills look like sand dunes.  Silt blew in during ice ages.  It is now very rich prairie soil.  Palouse wheat fields grow, mostly wheat, lentils and peas.  Some of the land is left bare for one growing season.  This is called summer fallow.  When I was a kid, they told me the summer fallow land was resting.  Bicycling through this unique landscape is quite an experience.

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Along Palouse scenic byways
Kamiak Butte
Palouse country & concrete river in Colfax
Dusty, WA.
KWSU AM tower
Old barns
Bill Chipman Trail
Latah Trail
Short harvest videos
Dust storm
Rosalia graffitti
Welding sculpture
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Palouse Hills
Near Pullman

Between Pullman and Lewiston

Rolling "sand dune like" hills of the Palouse Country, stretch for miles after one gets to top of Lewiston Grade.  Image taken 2002.

Between Pullman and Colfax

Near Colfax

It was harvest time as I passed through.  Most of the work was done, but I managed to catch one combine filling a truck headed to grain elevators.

Top of the grade offers little "down hill" for those continuing north.  It becomes the fertile Palouse Hills; a unique area of steep and rolling hills.  It's wheat ranching country, also noted for peas and lentils.

Heading west, from Pullman, I traveled through more Palouse hills and eventually back down to the Snake River.

Inside grain elevator.
Inside grain elevator. Just stuck camera through a hole and got view inside empty tank.  Pullman, WA.

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