Bike path between Pullman, WA. and Moscow, ID.

Bill Chipman Trail

Paradise and Latah Trail to Troy, Idaho 2009
Chipman Trail on my Flickr
2007 detour elevator fire

I tried out this new bike path that traverses the Palouse wheat fields between Pullman and Moscow.  A wonderful way to experience the Palouse.  Trail is located in south eastern part of Washington State; about 70 miles south of Spokane and 300 miles east of Seattle.

Image taken 1999
Passing grain elevators on its way out of Pullman.

Through the rolling Palouse wheat ranching country. 

On the way to Moscow, Idaho

Through the fields between the two towns.  Moscow Mountain, part of a range called "Thetuna Hills," is seen in distance.  I hear they have, or are planning to extend the trail to Troy, Idaho.

Image taken 2002.

Chipman Trail Moscow entrance
Moscow entrance to Chipman Trail.  Image taken 2005.

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