Funny & thought provoking road signs

Sign in Michigan tombstone sales yard said, "Drive carefully, we can wait."
Seen in 1991

The Slow Lane can mean...

"Taking enough time to notice what signs say."

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Entering a town
Drain, OR.
Happy Camp, CA.
Cats dogs in census also
Population 15
Don't drive like hell
Entering Christmas
Entering Dusty

Highway / street
Wigwag, Ashland, OR.
Understatement "Hill"
Rudolph crossing
Kayak crossing
Crosswalk for horse
Bike sign by Queen Mary
No cattle on freeway
Exit 0
No one would want to anyway
Amish crossing
Share the road

Someone's driveway

Restaurant rants "welcome to Cockroach Town"
Walk sign in fragments
Best policy for bikes on sidewalk
Small town friendliness
Fire & Brimstone
Welcome to middle of no where
"No" to a lot of things
Bike campgrounds
Name of something
Fuel for the Flintstones
Stinker Oil
Aplets, Cotlets and it's the law
Not a topless bar
Karl Mark's Pizza
Almost to Ritzville
The Net since 1955
No Starbuck's in Starbuck?
Bad Route Road
Faerie and or Ferry County
Another bike shop
Gay Cleaner
Ramshackle store called mall
Mushroom cloud logo
Outhouse for sheriff
Lava Java
Fort Dick, California
Concrete, WA.