With a Starbucks Coffee everywhere, one might wonder why there isn't one in the town of Starbuck, Washington.  Starbuck is not very big and it is definitely off the beaten path; down by the Snake River in the south east part of Washington State.  Named for some railroad personality the town is unrelated to that famous coffee chain.  I have seen Starbuck's coffee shops in some very unlikely places so why not.  I guess it's way too small. 

No Starbuck Coffee, but there is the Starbuck Cafe and Saloon.  It wasn't open when I passed by.  Another tiny town on my 2001 bicycle tour in the Pacific Northwest.

Images taken 2001.

From the mail, March 2013

Hey there Robert,

I came across your pics of Starbuck (the city) and I saw you took a pic of the 'Starbuck Saloon and Cafe' know to locals as the Zinc building or the Bishop Building... As it appears to outsiders this building is closed... Well that is mostly true, however not entirely; the owners make it available to the locals as a place to hold things like wedding receptions, memorials and other events of the like; kind of cool really and the interior is absolutely phenomenal. It hosts an interior of superior hand craftsmanship, a rustic beauty and pictures (with an almost museum quality about it) depicting a history of Starbuck and the surrounding areas. I can only hope that you will make it through our small town someday again and make it into the Rawhide Bar N Grill, while we don't have, Starbuck's coffee, we have a lot more to offer... You seem like such a genuine and interesting person, I would love the opportunity to hear about some of your adventures in person... Good luck on all your endeavors and keep on keeping on!
Mary-Jo Sanderlin
Owner at the Rawhide Bar N Grill!
P.S. Perhaps-if I'm lucky-you will actually be reading this and will accept our friend request! Best wishes & God Bless!

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