Image taken 2001

Summer of 2001 ment hard times in the resort town of Detroit, Oregon.  Months of drought, in the Pacific Northwest, brought low stream flows.  Detroit Lake is a reservoir impounded by the large Detroit Dam.  Rather than turning off generators and saving as much of the precious lake water as possible, the region's hunger for electricity and down stream salmon habitat took priority.  Water was kept flowing through the dam thus dropping Detroit Lake to extremely low levels.  This spelled economic problems for a lake side town dependent on fishing and boating.  One would see "Save Our Lake" signs all over town.

Hard to say if they could ever convince the rest of the world to use less power, from the dam, so more water could be saved in their lake during dry years.  It seemed like a case of the needs of one small community pitted against the thirst of a large region.

Someone from the fairie conference, that I had just been to at Breitenbush, suggested Detroit could have an economic boom if the stores would stock old clothing supplies for drag queens headed to the conference.  "This boom could happen, two times per year, while conference people pass through."  "Maybe drag supplies could be kept behind cat food down at the store."

Below: Picture of Mount Jefferson over Detroit Lake.  Image taken in 2000

A few miles away is a great counter culture style resort called Breitenbush Hot Springs.  It is often booked for conferences on such things as "hatha yogurt," --- I mean hatha yoga, but other times it is open to travelers.  It is good to check in advance.  The Radical Fairies, a gay social network, has gatherings there also. 

It was open to the public as I passed through the area so I stayed there and relaxed around the hot tubs.  Met a lot of nice people including someone who had just been to a conference that my brother had given.  My brother lives clear across the country, but it's still a "small world."  Soon after meeting the friend of my brother's, a person, I knew, from Bellingham, walked up.  He was thinking of moving to Portland.

Down Santiam Highway, below the larger Detroit Dam (I didn't get a very good picture of that) is Big Cliff Dam.  Big Cliff Dam on the Santium River.